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Electronic Device Clarification From CHSAA

Friday, December 13, 2013
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Electronic Device Clarification From CHSAA

· No electronic device will be permitted on the mat at any time.  No video review of a match shall be permitted (i) on the mat, (ii) with a wrestler during a time out, or (iii) at any time to contest or dispute an official’s decision.  A violation of the foregoing will be penalized as unsportsmanlike conduct against the head coach.

A team may use an electronic device for purposes of maintaining an electronic scorebook (similar to a paper scorebook) or for keeping match stats, provided such use of the electronic device is not on the mat.  In the event of a scoring issue during a match, a coach may present an electronic scorebook on an electronic device to the official at the official scorer’s table to assist in resolving such scoring issue, provided the electronic device is not then used or attempted to be used for video review of that match.

· No wrestler is permitted to compete prior to their weight assessment being completed.

· A wrestler that is below the minimum body fat percentage (12% females, 7% males) must already be at their scratch weight and hydrated at the time of assessment to be approved by a physician and parent to remain at that weight.  The 2 lb. variance at the time of assessment does not apply to those individuals already under the minimum body fat percentage.  Doctors and parents may not override this rule.  This is not a change from past years!  Once saved in the OPC it’s final, no appeals granted.

· The 2 lb. growth allowance on January 2nd is just that, a growth allowance.  It does not permit a wrestler to drop to a lower weight after the first of the year and it has no bearing on the initial assessment.

· We are working with the NWCA to change the date on the assessment form to 2013-14.  Don’t panic that your forms still say 2012-13.

· As long as you’ve entered the data for each wrestler into the OPC prior to competition, you’re covered.  I can now access all of your information on-line.  No more faxes or emails of the team report are necessary to our office.

· Count your points!!!  Teams and individuals cannot exceed 28 points.  The penalty for exceeding 28 points is no post season competition!  Call if you have questions.

· The track wrestling program will again be used at all regionals sites and the state tournament.  Coaches must familiarize themselves with the bulletin for specific information on reporting results by the set deadlines to avoid penalties. 

· Regional seeding criteria should already be determined by a vote of your region.  If you are the host school in charge of your region, I (Harry) need your selected criteria ASAP.      

Good luck this weekend!

Harry Waterman
Assistant Commissioner
Colorado High School Activities Association

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