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Softball Season Update

Thursday, July 30, 2020
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Area 1 Officials,

We thought it to be prudent to send a note out to all of the Area 1 Umpires at this point, even though we do not have definitive answers on what this upcoming softball season will look like yet.   Below is an article out of CHSAANow from CHSAA Commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green on where we are today.

As she says, they had put together a group to discuss and come up with plans for activities for the fall season.  From what we understand, those plans are done and have been submitted to the state for final approval.  Right now, we do not know exactly what they will look like, or when they will be published.  We will put out the word as soon as we get some answers.  I know it is tough, but please be patient.  We realize that many of you have worked summer ball.  This is a different animal than high school.  Don’t expect the high school protocols to be exactly the same, but they should be similar. 

On a couple of other notes, as you know the test is up on Arbiter for all to take.  This must be done before Aug. 16th.  Please don’t wait until the last minute to do it.  We have pared down some of the questions.  There are 75 questions on the exam.  One question that has raised some issues is (in most cases #62).  It has to do with press area on the field.  People have asked do we answer it with the CHSAA rule or the NFHS rule since they are different.  For the purpose of the test only, use the NFHS rule. 

Now to the subject of meetings and clinics.  Due to the effects of COVID-19, we are unable to secure any meeting space either at any school or the Arapahoe Libraries as we have in the past.  The same goes for the Master Clinic.  Thus, disregard what dates that CHSAA has already put out.  We have changed them.  They will now be Zoom Meetings and we have reduced the number. 

We also plan on putting on the Master Clinic as a Zoom Meeting.  We will send out dates and instructions for getting online with us.  This Zoom Clinic will be BEFORE the season starts though.  We may do two of them to ensure everyone gets on.  Due to the new protocols we will be using, it will be imperative that everyone gets online for these.  Our plan for the Master Clinic is to just go over rule changes and whatever new protocols that CHSAA comes up with.  All other normal parts of the Master Clinic will be suspended for now. 

As for our normal meetings, right now they too, will be Zoom Meetings.  We plan on holding only four meetings this year.  One of these will be our three-person clinic in early October.  Hopefully by then we will be able to use a field.  There will be no separate classroom three-person clinic this year.  One of these meetings will be in late August, one in September and one in October, plus the three-person clinic.  You will need to make at least two of these to be eligible for post-season and for the draw next year.  More information on them with dates and instructions to follow. 

Another item of importance is uniforms.  As you know, this year we are going to the CHSSUA logo hats.  Without having an in-person Master Clinic and with current restrictions on our suppliers, all orders for hats and for other equipment items will have to be done online.  You can purchase them from:


Cal Martin

We just learned that Denver Public Schools and Littleton Public schools backed up their start date to Aug 24th.  Not sure how this will impact the start of the season.  Please be extremely flexible with your schedule and prepare for some changes, especially early in the season.  Should you have any questions, please do not respond to this email.  Send your question to all threeof us Area Directors.  One of us will get back with you soon.  See you on the field.

Area 1 Directors

Mike Coulter   

Mike Wiley      

Randy Pacetti  



CHSAA commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green provided the following update on Thursday (7-15-2020) regarding sports and activities in 2020-21:

"Our office supports and respects the time taken at the state level to evaluate our proposed options for resuming athletics and activities for the 2020-2021 school year. Their timeline is our timeline, and we will be ready to play, with planned modifications, once approved.

"We are appreciative of the guidance and leadership from the CHSAA Board of Directors and the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee as we look to the 2020-2021 school year.

"The CHSAA staff will continue to advocate within our submitted proposals to conduct all programs within the Governor's safety guidelines, phases and requirements.

"We will keep our school communities informed and we will provide definitive answers and timelines once they are approved by the Governor's office.

"State, educational and athletic leaders are all working together in these fluid times to get our students, coaches, officials and support staff safely back to the courts, fields, stages, pools, and classrooms."

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