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Hello Friends,
60 days till Applewood GC to celebrate my HERO Jackson Holbrook.
See my wife's eloquent invitation and attachments follow.  Please help us help Jackson!!!
Tony G
Dear Friends,
When I was at Harrington, Brewster and Clein, P.C., my paralegal, Traci Holbrook, gave birth to her second child, Jackson.  Jackson was born without part of his heart.  His first surgery was at five days old.  The second surgery was within the first year.  He still has one more surgery to go.  
Jackson was also a "charge" baby.  This presented other problems.  Jackson was not able to chew or swallow very well, and had to be fed through a tube in his side.  His limbs were under developed.  He was considered legally deaf. 
Many of us were afraid Jackson would not live long.  However, here he is at almost five years of age.  He can walk.  He can chew and swallow small amounts of food.  He is in school and in the "smart" class.  He is mastering sign language.  
Regardless of his challenges, and the number of times he has to be hospitalized even for the most minor of colds, Jackson always has a smile on his face.  I have seen photos of him in a hospital bed with an IV in his arm and a smile on his face.  What Jackson has had to and continues to endure medically staggers the imagination.  Jackson is truly an inspiration and my personal hero.
As some of you may know, having a handicapped child is very hard work.  It is also expensive.  Traci calls Jackson "the million dollar baby", as his hospital bills each year amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Congress has proposed budget cuts for at least two sources of funding for children like Jackson.  Needless to say, both Traci and her husband, Chris, watch their actions with much apprehension.
To celebrate Jackson's fifth birthday, my husband, Tony Giardina, and I are hosting a golf tournament on September 26, 2017 at Applewood Golf Course.  The cost is $100 per player.  This includes the green fee, cart fee, ranges balls, two drink tickets, pro shop credit, games, prizes and a BBQ dinner.  I would ask that each of you put together a foursome and join us.  
For those of you who do not play golf, we would invite you to be a hole sponsor for $200. Hole sponsors get a sign on a hole advertising their business as a sponsor.  You may also donate a prize or silent auction item.   You also can attend the dinner for $25.00.  
All proceeds go to the Holbrook family for the support of Jackson.  
So please come out and join us.  As those who played in the first tournament three years ago will tell you, we had a lot of fun!!
Carrie Clein
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