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East Denver Prayer Update

Monday, September 26, 2016
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Just a quick note about recent events. We had the privilege of speaking at the Mission Conference at Beacon Hill on September 11th and certainly appreciated the hospitality. Kathleen did get sick on Sunday night and had a rough time for a couple of days. We have seen a couple of people saved the last couple of Sundays including Seth who is a man from Ghana and had come to church for the first time in years. His wife had started coming through our going out on Colfax with our food and snacks. On last Thursday I was able to lead Jordan an 11year old boy from one of the homeless hotels to the Lord. His mother came to church this Sunday. They are paying 395 dollars a week for rent. Her husband and herself and daughter all work to pay for it. I told her if she would stay faithful that God could make a way. Pray that Dana would continue to come and that the rest of the family would soon follow. Traevion has been coming with the Ramirez family. Last night I took him to a fundraiser for CEF. When I dropped him off I was able to say hello to some of his family and mom. He has five sisters and two brothers. I told them that we would love to have them come as well and the mom simply said ok. Pray for them to come Sunday. We have missed a number of families lately that I would request prayer for. Deryl and Chantelle, Harvey and Anne Marie, and the Sifuentes family. Prayer for their return and help with their struggles. Sunday we started and I want that Mountain Campaign. Our goal was 50 in attendance, and then 65 next Sunday, 75 on the third and 100 on Oct 16th with some food on the grounds. We reached our first goal with 59.
today I took one of the men to the foodbank to pick up a cooler that was donated from Wal Mart. It had a value of over 3845 dollars new and was only used at Wal Mart for four months. It looks like it is brand new. Praise God for a wonderful donation. Please continue to pray for us . My wife is having a very bad time with her arm. On a side note on Saturday I ran my first Marathon in a number of years. Both my son and I completed it and I was able to get third place in my age group. I have a long way to go but I am slowly but surely working back into shape. God bless Pastor richmond

It has taken awhile to get this out. We are still transitioning both to a new location for our church and new housing, so it has been quite a struggle. We just returned from speaking at Mission conference at Beacon Hill Baptist Church in Cheyenne, Wyo. It was good to see Pastor Harris, his dad and Bro. Penn there as well. My wife became ill on Sunday night, so we covet your prayers.She has been having problems with migraines, nausea, and dizziness. She is also doing with arm issues.
We have been growing slowly at the new building, but have seen a couple of adults saved in the last three weeks. The food bank passed inspection with the Food Bank of the Rockies and the fire department. We have received two large gifts which enabled us to buy a gravity conveyor belt which was desperately needed and money to work on our 501c3. Please pray that we can get that done and get approved. We also had a brand new refrigerator freezer donated to us. Praise the Lord!
the owner of the building has attended every Sunday and even plays the guitar for us. He also went with me to play at the Rescue Mission. We  are getting ready to head for Kansas City on our annual trip for thanksgiving resources near the end of October. We will visit with Pastor Gibbs from Abundant Life, and preach for Pastor Adrian and Pastor Rooks. those two churches do a tremendous job of collecting thanksgiving supplies for us. Please pray for safety and good health for the trip. We will need to rent a tent this year for thanksgiving. Pray that God will supply the additional expense and the workers. God bless Pastor Richmond and Kathleen

It has been an extremely busy and hectic time, but God has shown Himself faithful. We have held three Sunday services in our new building and although the attendance started pretty low, we have increased in attendance each week, and last Sunday had three or four adults saved in the service.
We still have some needs as a result of the move. We need to do an update on some of the electrical and need a couple of storage containers for our sugar and flour to protect against rodents that always are attracted by a foodbank. We also need to purchase some sort of a conveyor type slide to send the food from the alley way down the stairs to the basement. I know what it looks like, but not quite sure of how to call it.
We will also need most likely to conduct the thanksgiving Outreach out of a tent on the property as the building is not set up for that. If someone wants to help with any of those needs please designate. We are also for the most part now living in my Mother in law's house after her passing, and will eventually rent out our house.
Our mailing address will be 5557 South Foresthill St, Littleton, Co 80120. The new church address is 5500 E. 26th Avenue, Denver, Co 80207.
We are also needing to do a little work on the baptistery to get it ready for use, although hopefully that will not require too much work. God bless and keep us in your prayers.
My wife has been going through quite a bit healthwise and would appreciate your prayers. Pastor Richmond and family
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