ASO Publishes Lower Level High School Football Openings

Sunday, July 30, 2017

To All High School Football Officials:


The New Season is just around the corner!  All of our lower level high school games are now on Self Assign.


If you are available for any of these assignments, please sign up using the Self Assign feature on our web site.


Be sure to click on the SWITCH VIEWS link at the top of the page, and log into the ASO account.


You can assign yourself to events!  From the Main Menu, choose the Schedule Tab.  From the Schedule Page, choose the Self Assign link.  From the Self Assign Page, enter a Start Date, then press [Search].


Please Note:  You must be a registered member of the Colorado Football Officials Association in order to officiate high school football. 


Thanks for your consideration,


Jerry Letofsky, President

Aurora Sports Officials, Inc.

PO Box 461990 Aurora, Colorado 80046-1990

Phone: 303-368-8005

Fax: 720-293-0038

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