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CSFOA - Week 5 Bulletin

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
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CSFOA will be electing a President and Vice President as well as Crew Chiefs.  Nominations will be open October 24th, with the election done electronically from October 25th through November 6th.  Please send your nominations to Alan Baccarella.
Referees, please do not include your editorial comments in game reports.  Stick to the facts.
If a player is ejected for language, please put the quote, no matter ow offensive the language was.  
 If you or a family member or someone you know needs a flu shot, Mission Medical Center will have free flu shots during a free health fair Saturday Oct. 14th.  Mission Medial is located at 2125 East LaSalle Street (2 blocks SE of Union and Constitution).  The fair is from 8:00 Am to 12:00 PM.
Dates to Remember 
10th 630 CSFOA Mtg
24th 630 CSFOA Mtg
25th CSFOA Election Open 
6th Election closes 
7th Banquet TBD
All meetings are at the Trinity United Methodist Church.
 Dear Gerald,
Week 5 is here, for most teams this is the end of the non-league schedule. This week-end we will be working 19 games, 1 on Thursday; 15 on Friday and 3 on Saturday.   
The next CSFOA meeting is Tuesday October 10th at 6:30 PM at the church.
I hope you have a great game!
With a 5 person crew it is imperative that each of us keeps our focus on the specific Area of responsibility our position dictates. When one of us is "fishing in someone else's pond", who is watching the players in his area? Here are 2 examples:
  1. In a playoff game up north in recent years, a Back Judge had a flag for 2 men in motion. Since he was looking in the backfield who was watching the wide outs?
  2. In a game this month, the QB took the snap under center at the A30 and immediately turned and threw to his WR. The WR did not retreat fast enough and the ball landed at the A26. Since the pass was so quick neither wing had moved down field, but both wings recognized the backward pass and laid off the whistle. The R watched the flight of the ball and called the pass incomplete.  Mistake #1.  So now a clear live ball was killed. While the R was following the ball the wing that was responsible for watching the pass away from him saw a defender take 3-4 steps and obliterate the QB. He had a crew saving flag for roughing the passer. The R never saw it. The QB was shaken up on the play as well.  Mistake #2.
The moral of the story - Stay in our area, we all want to see want is happening on the play, but we have a job to do. Officiating is tough enough with only 5 officials, it gets tougher for a crew when someone is not watching his area.  We can't afford to have holes in our coverage because we are watching the ball.   
Please remember your keys and stay with your progression. 
If you have done a Mitchell HS game you have not been paid. Mitchell had a problem with Arbiter, and no sports officials have been paid. The problem was resolved earlier this week and now the staff is in the process of catching up.  
The AD assured me they would be caught up by the end of next week. Please contact me if you have not been paid by Thursday October 5th.
With one major hurricane after another hitting Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, one of our members has proposed that CSFOA members designate a day and contribute our game checks to a relief fund, such as the Red Cross or JJ Watt's Foundation. The survey below will give us a sense of the group's feelings. If we should proceed this is a strictly voluntary, opt in event.
Have fun!

Dan Cronin 
CSFOA President
Mission Medical Center, 2125 East La Salle Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
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