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CFOA - Week 6 Bulletin

Thursday, October 5, 2017
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CFOA Weekly Training video: (Link to Video) This week's video speaks on Blocking - Blindside Blocks and Blocks Below the Waist.

Save the Date - Hall of Fame Banquet Dec. 9, 2017 
Please plan to attend the 2017 Hall of Fame Banquet at Kent Denver High School. The meet and greet will start at 11:30 with lunch served at 12:30. This is an excellent meal and an opportunity to honor our Hall of Fame inductees. Contact Steve Hall with questions.

Here is what happened Last Week
- items from the CFOA Rules Interpreter, George Demetriou:

1. A personal foul was called on the defense during the last play of the first half and the period was properly extended. The offense false started before the untimed down so the period was incorrectly ended.

2. On a kickoff, the kicker slipped as he planted to kick the ball and as he was going down he barely hit the ball with his kicking foot causing the ball to go about 2 inches The ball was correctly kept live. If he had missed the ball completely, it would almost certainly have resulted in encroachment.

3. An offensive lineman lost his helmet while blocking. The player continued blocking and was flagged for illegal participation. A player whose helmet comes completely off may continue to participate in the immediate action in which he is engaged. He cannot move on to something different such as chasing a loose ball or blocking a different player. He is allowed to protect himself. The only case play is 9.6.4H.

4. An assistant coach ran onto the field and told the BJ, who had just thrown a flag for taunting, that he should be on the next train out of town. The BJ correctly saw that as an unsportsmanlike penalty on the coach, but the referee decided to give a sideline warning since there was no derogatory language or personal insult. What the coach did was clearly a USC on two counts: What he said and where he was standing. Sideline warnings are strictly for non-contact violations of the restricted area.

5. Team A made the line-to-gain which would have made it first and goal from the B-2. However there was a personal foul on the offense after the play. The crew debated if it should be 1/G or 1/10 from the B-17 . The chains were correctly reset to 1/10. The defensive head coach became very upset but avoided a flag (5-3-1).

6. We had a very embarrassing incident where a host AD was treated rudely because cars parked along the field had their headlights on. The lights were turned off, but when some lights came back on, the home team was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. A few years ago a float lined up for the homecoming parade was ejected without discussion because the tow vehicle had headlights turned on. Yes, this stuff really happens.

7. For game length on the report, please put the time in as 3:05 and not 3 hrs 05 min. The computer will read the latter as text meaning zero and we won’t be able to average the results. The format is on the game report

Keep up the GREAT WORK!.
Kirk Russell, CFOA Past President

CFOA - Pursuing Perfection and Achieving Excellence


Question of the week

no video

This question pertains to the Referee (White Hat) position.

Fill in the blank

As a White Hat, I echo the touchdown signal to the pressbox after _____?:

A) a scoring play from scrimmage

B) a successful Try or Field Goal

C) all scoring plays (both)

D) I don't (neither)

Survey results provided next week

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