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CFOA - Week 2 Bulletin

Sunday, September 10, 2017
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September 7, 2017

Sorry that this first Bulletin is getting out so late.

CFOA Weekly Training video: (Link to Video) This week's video is dealing with BSB, Unnecessary Roughness, and officiating the 21 players that don't have the football.

What Happened Last Week
Here are a couple items from the CFOA Rules Interpreter, George Demetriou:

Zero Week

1) A visiting team walked off the field as the game ended without shaking hands. That caught the officials by surprise as no excessive animosity was noted during the game. The visiting coach did start to complain about the calls when the mercy rule took effect, and the home team had a couple of late hits in 4Q, but no one deemed that extraordinary. With a running clock be especially vigilant for PF’s and USC’s. We are still not sure exactly what irritated the visiting coach. Playing the JV team with a passing offense during a running clock is an acceptable practice.
2) Two coaches from the same team were ejected. The asst coach was ejected for going to the stands to recruit “competent” officials and for cursing loudly. The head coach was flagged for leaving the team box to argue an encroachment call and ejected when he re-entered the field to resume the argument. Normally, we don’t want flag someone twice for the same incident, but this case the renewed effort was significant.
3) An asst coach argued a BSB foul because "the experiment ended last year". It wouldn’t hurt to ask at the pregame in the first few weeks if there are any questions regarding the new rules. Coach education will be expanded next year.
4) A player was ejected for his second USC foul for shoving an opponent after the play. Two earlier shoving incidents involving other players were also recorded as USC fouls. We need to get the PF/USC distinction straight. We are not going out there to look for ways to eject players. It was a POE at the clinic, but please review again. When in doubt, it’s a PF.
5) The following game report has been edited and shortened. I’ve replaced the names of the teams with H and V. I do not want to expose the officials or the Area because it could happen to other crews but I am praying this was an isolated incident.

Week 1

1) The definition is very clear that fighting is an engagement in a combative manner unrelated to football. While it is possible to have a fight while the ball is live, that is the exception. Blocking is a football act, so when players start flailing during a block, it is more likely to be a personal foul for hands to the face or unnecessary roughness than fighting. Also keep in mind the guy on the bottom of the pile is entitled to protect himself so what may look like kicking or punching is probably an effort to remove an assailant from the same geographical location.
2) Our other carry over issue is we still have PF’s being called USC’s. The Referee has a responsibility to make sure fouls are properly labeled. Here is one quote from an inquiry to a referee regarding his report: “I was at least 50 yards away, and when I got there it was just reported unsportsmanlike with numbers Home 33, Visitor 88".
3) When a player is sent off because his helmet came off, the clock must be stopped and the coach informed so he can send in a sub. A team ran a play with 10 on defense because the coaching staff did not know the player went out.
4) When there is a bench clearing brawl (yes, we’ve already had one), the priority is to identify the main perpetrators. If you can note subs coming onto the field, that’s fine, but do not worry about it.
5) IW of the week: Fake up the middle and then hand off and run to the left.  LJ thought the first guy had the ball and did not notice the guy with the ball coming in front of him.  DON’T BLOW THE WHISTLE UNLESS YOU CAN SEE THE BALL.
6) A try was replayed after two forward passes were thrown. The referee forgot about the loss of down and didn’t listen to his crewmates. He did remember that was on this year’s test

Stay Focused
Kirk Russell, CFOA Past President

Will Rogers once said: Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.
Video Question of the week

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Click on your ruling?

A) Foul by K - Kick Out of Bounds

B) Foul by R - Illegal Batting

C) Foul by both K & R - Offsetting Fouls

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