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Monday, January 13, 2014
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Hello all, the 2014 Basketball season is about to begin. The season begins on this Saturday January 18th. You have started seeing emails regarding the start of the season. 
1st and foremost there will not be a meeting this week
This is a link to the AYL Basketball rules. Please read pages 1-8. Also there is an attachment with a blank W9. Please ensure you have an updated W9 that has an address that matches what you have in arbiter; the W9 and arbiter must match in order to receive your paycheck. Also please make sure your your arbiter is up to date with contact information. So please have a good email address and phone number so your partner can contact you to confirm your assignment.
One of the things that we are working on is improving the quality of our officiating. Please begin to work on your skills. Work on proper signals. When you blow your whistle know if you are calling a foul or a violation. Get your arm straight up; closed fist for a foul and open hand for a violation. Blow your whistle and make your signals with confidence.  Hustle to a clear area to report your foul. You don't have to go all the way to the table. Come to a complete stop, stand up straight, speak in a clear voice. Foul, white, 23(signaling with your hand), 2 shots, 1 and 1. When you blow your whistle, you are communicating with your partner first. Whistle, violation or foul, then let your partner know, if there will be shots or where to take the ball; end line, sideline etc. Slow down a bit, when you blow a foul, take a moment to make sure you have the color and number of who committed the foul before you go to report.
Be on time and in uniform. No collar black and white stripe or grey shirt, black shorts, black court shoes and a fox40 whistle.  Pregame your coaches. Let them know what your expect. Only head coach stands, no parents or non coaching personnel on the bench, no coaching on the floor or at the table, no substitutes until the official calls them on the court (especially establish this at the upper levels).
Manage your coaches! Create a consistency week to week, crew to crew. Do not give warning after warning; if the coach continues to disregard you or display unacceptable behavior, if necessary manage him/her with a technical. Once a technical is issued, he has to sit the remainder of the game. Always be professional and respectful.  Officials make sure the table personnel know what they are or should be doing. Fouls are cleared/zeroed and you start all over in the 2nd half. 
Crews you should be talking to each other about the game, calls, violations. New officials ask question, veterans help the newer officials. Pick something you want to work on for the game and work on it.  Invest in yourself, go and observe if you are not on the schedule. Practice your signals in the mirror at home, it helps to have crisp signals.
Just in case you did not see the email regarding calling a travelling violation...
Be consistent, be professional!
Reminder: If you haven't submitted your W9, please get it in.  NO W9, NO CHECK!
Stephan Brown (720)620-0843
Larry Millender  (720)365-5516

  • Accept or decline your games promptly.
  • Contact and confirm game time, location and uniform with your partner. (Click on your partners name in the assignment for a contact number)
  • BE ON TIME! Show up 15 - 30 minutes early; if you show up at game time you are LATE!
  • Be professional.
  • Always learn and work to get better.
Between The Lines, LLC


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