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AYL Baseball Schedules

Thursday, March 21, 2013
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Aurora Youth League Baseball Schedule Update

Hello crew. Well, we just received the schedule. They will begin on Tuesday with 4 games on 4 levels. The same for Wednesday and Thursday and on into Saturday with the bulk of the games. This will be the schedule weekly through the last regular season games on Saturday 5/4. Playoffs will run starting Tuesday 5/7 and go Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, with the championships beginning on that same Saturday 5/11.
We will need four crews during the week mostly; some week days will require five crews. There are single games during the week and multiples on the weekends.  Sr Level requires 3 umpires and the other levels requiring 2. The levels will be Pee Wee, Associates, Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors.
All games are assigned through Arbiter. Please make sure your Arbiter is up to day with email, address and phone number. If you are new and not worked for ASO you will need to submit a W9. Others will need to update if you have changed your address since you last worked for ASO. Payroll will be ran on Mondays and all checks will be put in the mail.
Just in case we do not meet before the first games:
You must have a complete umpire uniform.
Contact your partner to confirm.
Know your game location and how to get there.
Please arrive 30 minutes prior to game time.
Pregame all coaches.
Manage poor behavior from coaches and fans early.
Know the rules, especially AYL rules.
No call, no show...NO WORK!!!
Do not engage or argue with fans. Manage them through the coach.
Be professional! Be professional! Be professional!
Please let me know your availability for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you are a brand new we will use the first games for training and you will be required to come to a game prior to making the schedule. 
Please address all questions immediately. Let's PLAY BALL!!
Stephan Brown (720)620-0843
Larry Millender  (720)365-5516
  • Accept or decline your games promptly.
  • Contact and confirm game time, location and uniform with your partner. (Click on your partners name in the assignment for a contact number)
  • BE ON TIME! Show up 30 minutes early; if you show up at game time you are LATE!
  • Be professional.
  • Always learn and work to get better.
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