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AYL Baseball Rules

Sunday, March 17, 2013
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2013 AYL Baseball Rules

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Well, It has come down to the wire again. We just got word today that the league intends to start on this Saturday. We should have the schedule by Tuesday and begin to enter it and schedule for Saturday. We will do our level best to enter and assign at least Saturday as quickly as possible then go from there.
Some of you we know and some we don't. Please send us your availability for Saturday so we know who to assign. Also we are covering games not meeting needs of who works what level. Please be prepared to work all levels at least for opening day. We can not all work the upper levels and we like to rotate our officials. We will schedule a meeting as soon as we can to discuss particulars.
This seasons baseball rules are attached, PLEASE READ THEM! You need to be familiar with NFHS rules as well as AYL rules. You will receive your assignments from Arbiter. You will receive an email that you have games; you will need to go into Arbiter to accept or decline your games. Your assignments come with an accept by date, please do not look at the games and not accept or decline. 
Once again, please send your availability and your level of experience and whether you work plate or not. Level of experience will assist us in partnering. Also we were told to assign 3 umpires to the senior levels. We will send out info as we get it.
Stephan Brown (720)620-0843
Larry Millender  (720)365-5516
  • Accept or decline your games promptly.
  • Contact and confirm game time, location and uniform with your partner. (Click on your partners name in the assignment for a contact number)
  • BE ON TIME! Show up 30 minutes early; if you show up at game time you are LATE!
  • Be professional.
  • Always learn and work to get better.
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