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2013 AYL Football Season

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
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2013 AYL Football Season
Hello all football officials. It is that time of year again. And, as usual, we are waiting for the AYL to deliver us a schedule. It appears that they are going for a full schedule this Saturday, instead of the usual partial schedule for the 1st week.
Thanks to all those that made the meeting. We discussed the usual things; professionalism, uniforms, rules. Always remember, you are the professional, act like it. Do not argue, yell or cause a scene. Manage the situation in a professional manner, talk to coaches in a respectful manner, de-escalate the situation, get coach to by in. Remember you have the control.
We expect you to be in the proper uniform. Football officials shirt (with a collar), black shorts, black shorts (white accent okay), black officials ball cap (with white stripes) or white officials ball cap. Get your accessories, bean ball, yellow flag(not a piece of yellow material with a rock tied in it). Referee should have something to keep time on the field. For fall/end of the season you should have regulation officials black pants with stripe (not black sweats with a pin stripe) and a long sleeve officials shirt (no short sleeves with a long sleeve undershirt). Please invest in your uniforms. Being in the correct uniform, everyone dressed the same is part of being professional.
Knowledge is the other thing that will keep you out of trouble. Know high school football rules and how to administer(do not add in NFL rules and their administration), know the AYL rules.
As always, accept or decline your games right away. This year if you do not decision your assignment by the date, you will be subject to be removed from the assignment. Contact your partners to confirm. Show up 1/2 hour prior to game time.
Checks will be mailed by Tuesday. Be advised we are considering going to Ref pay. It will streamline payroll and no mail time. Checking account is not required to have a ref pay account.
We are looking for another great season. Thanks to all of you. Without you, there would not be a BTL. Please respond to confirm your availability for this weekend.

Stephan Brown (720)620-0843
Larry Millender  (720)365-5516

  • Accept or decline your games promptly.
  • Contact and confirm game time, location and uniform with your partner. (Click on your partners name in the assignment for a contact number)
  • BE ON TIME! Show up 30 minutes early; if you show up at game time you are LATE!
  • Be professional.
  • Always learn and work to get better.
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