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CSOA: Fall High School Baseball Games

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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To All Umpires, 

This is a mass e-mail. 

I have just released Fall HS Baseball games for this weekend.  These games are available for self assign.  There is not a lot of games this weekend but there are some for Saturday and a few more for Sunday.   There are also a few games left in the UNC Showcase up in Greeley.  Those games are also available for self assign but you might have to adjust your mileage to see them. 

Next week is the Labor Day Tournament for Slammers and Allan Dyer.  If you would like to work one of the tournaments next weekend please e-mail me ASAP to secure your spot.  If you are in the Labor Day Clinic that starts next Wednesday I already have games set aside for the clinic so this e-mail is not for you if you are in the clinic. 

I will be releasing more HS Fall games for September later today.  Keep checking back as there are plenty of fall games coming. 

Thank You, 

Robert Wilson 

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