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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dear Valued Customer,

On Sunday, December 1st and again on Wednesday, December 4th our company suffered major computer hardware/system failures.  These failures caused our website to be inaccessible on Sunday for several hours and created unacceptable performance issues on these same systems Wednesday afternoon.  Email notifications were also intermittent throughout the week as a result.  Acceptable operating levels have been restored at this time.

Immediately after service was restored we set out to ensure our clients are not impacted in the future by events similar to this past week.  Over the next 60 days, with the help of several outside consultants and newly hired expertise, will be completely overhauling our system infrastructure and fail-over platforms.  The resulting system will not only prevent events similar to this past week, but will also significantly improve the responsiveness, constancy and overall user experience of the website going forward.

As we move to these new systems, we will work diligently to limit any impact on you by performing as many of these upgrades during non-peak use hours as possible.  When we must take any of our systems off-line to perform any of these upgrades, we will communicate with you BEFORE it happens.

We know that you have time-sensitive responsibilities and that your ability to serve your clients is adversely affected when our website is inaccessible or unacceptably slow.  We apologize for the events of the past week as well as the slowness of the website at times during this past fall.  We are working tirelessly to remedy the situation, exceed your expectations and maintain your trust.

Please do not hesitate to contact either of us or anyone else on the ArbiterSports team if you have questions or concerns.  Again, we value each of you as a customer and want to ensure your interaction with ArbiterSports is a rewarding one.



Jeff Triplette

Clark Evans


Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer

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