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Sunday, May 4, 2014
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Dear Gerald Letofsky,

Last night we deployed a change to the way email headers are formatted to accommodate for the significant and sudden policy changes that some of the major email providers, including Yahoo and AOL, have recently adopted. Our change will ensure your emails will be received reliably once again.

All emails from ArbiterSports will now have the following header format:

Previously, some emails, including mass emails and game change notifications had your email in the 'from:' field so that replies and bounce-backs would return to you. Several large email providers are no longer allowing this because these emails are not coming from their server.  So an ArbiterSports email address must be used.  However, by entering a 'reply-to:' field, we can ensure that officials or contacts can reply to these emails in order to respond directly to you.  In most instances, bounce-backs will no longer return to you.

We will monitor this new method closely and make improvements as necessary.  Please notify our Support Department at or 800-311-4060800-311-4060 if you experience any issues.


The ArbiterSports Team

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