Week 5 Update

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Between the Lines…Officials
Tuesday   9/25/2012
“See ya on the field”

Welcome to week 5!  We are just about half way thru the season and coverage has been good. We have had some lapses but for the most part things are good.  Some notes to pass on to you guys.  If you have not updated you information in ArbiterSports , please do so. I was just informed by Donna (check preparer), that if your W-9 info is not updated YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR CHECK.  It will be held until you complete this vital information.  On that note, checks will be passed today at the normal spot.
The weather is changing and I cannot stress the importance of getting the proper uniform to wear in these conditions.  Invest in your uniform!  Long sleeve shirts and black pants with strips are a must.  Please don’t wait to get this equipment.
We will continue field and classroom training.  Guys, you must attend these sessions.  It will make you a better official. 

Your assignments have been posted in ArbiterSports for this weekend.  Go in and accept them.  Please be punctual and accept ASAP.  Also, continue to log in your game reports.  Have a great weekend!
Remember… Be on time.  Be in uniform.  Know the rules.  Make the right call.



Fairness and Integrity officiated … between the lines

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