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Week 1 Update

Tuesday, September 4, 2012
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Between the Lines…Officials

Thank you guys for a tremendous first weekend of football officiating.  It was a success!  100% coverage.  You guys rock!  Congratulations on a wonderful beginning.  Men, you are what BTL is all about.
It’s a very beautiful thing!
Gentlemen we have a lot still to do.  We want the very best of you and it is so important that you are in shape to endure the season.  We want to train you for what it takes to be an AYL football official.
Stephan will be conducting training sessions - on the field - for our new guys.  This training is invaluable and you will walk away a better official.  I impress upon you to attend and get to really know what we are doing out here. Most of our new officials have worked this past week.  Most of the partners were, “tried by fire!”  And guess what?  You survived!  So you are on the right track.
We want you to be on time.  In properly uniformed.  Know your mechanics.  And have the utmost confidence when you make your calls in the field of play.  And you have to remain professional at all times.  Know matter what!  Remain professional!
We are very excited for you guys.  Hang in there!  You are right where you are supposed to be.
“See ya’ on the field!”

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