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Aurora Sports Officials, Inc.

Friday, January 01, 1988
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Welcome to the Aurora Sports Officials CENTRAL HUB.

 Fall Sports Have Kicked Off !! 

Do The Little Things to make your officiating experience error free.

Bad experiences can be avoided when the scheduled officials do the little things.  

  • Did you communicate with the home school so you can confirm game details and build rapport?
  • Did you communicate with the home school to avoid traveling to a game that has been changed or canceled?
  • Did you communicate with your partners so you can confirm transportation and pregame responsibilities?
  • Did you communicate with your partners so they show up and you do not have work alone or with a shortened crew?
  • Did you get directions so you show up at the right place at the right time?
  • Did you arrive at your assignment early so you can perform all your pregame duties

*** How Do I Get Paid?

ASO is constantly seeking ways to stay connected to our officials, schools, and the community.To stay current with our latest news updates, scheduling needs/changes, community service, and more, follow us on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

Aurora Sports Officials, Inc.                                    

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